Dr Chelsea Mayer

Technology At City Smiles

3D Scanner

Designed with advanced technology, our 3D Intraoral Scanner effortlessly captures high-resolution digital impressions of the oral cavity, providing an incredibly detailed and realistic representation of the patient's teeth and surrounding structures. No more goop!

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays work a lot like digital photographs in that they appear instantly after they are taken. Because of this we are able to use a fraction of the radiation that was used to take conventional (film) x-rays. We are able to enlarge the x-rays so that patients are able to see their teeth on a computer monitor instantly after they are taken. We also feature a digital panoramic x-ray machine to take a picture of all of your teeth at once so that we can evaluate your wisdom teeth, jaw joints, etc.

Intraoral Camera

Connected to each of our dental chairs we have tiny digital cameras that we can use to take pictures of the teeth and gums in your mouth. These cameras help us show you what is going on in your mouth and to also document dental and soft-tissue changes in your mouth. Because we perform oral cancer screening at every exam, it is important to us to document any and every change occurring in your mouth!

Paperless Charting

Using our state of the art dental software program we are able to keep all of your dental information securely stored on our computer system without using tons of paper. This makes reading through your chart a snap and we are quickly and easily able to keep all your information in one place.